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Speeding Tickets

If you received a speeding ticket in North Carolina, chances are that you don’t know what effect that ticket will have on your license or your insurance. How many insurance points or drivers license points will you get from this ticket?

The ticket may provide a dollar amount for the cost of court and a fine. This may lead you to believe that by simply sending in that amount your troubles will be over. Unfortunately, people frequently find out that by paying off the ticket they get insurance points, which make their auto insurance rates go up.

The sad truth of the matter is that nobody is looking out for you. Neither the officer who wrote you the ticket, nor the Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes the ticket is looking out for you. They represent the State, and the State does not care whether your insurance rates go up!

We care, and we look out for our clients. Each year we save our clients thousands of dollars on insurance premiums by negotiating pleas for our clients that look out for their best interests. If you hire us to represent you, you have my word that we will work hard for you and that we will look out for you.

Eb Rossi