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What do you do if you have been convicted or accused of a crime and don’t want to wind up with a criminal record? In North Carolina there a primarily three ways to get rid of a criminal record:

You Were Convicted But Were Under 18 — If you were under 18 at the time of your conviction and you were convicted of a misdemeanor, it may be possible for you to get your criminal record erased or expunged. In order to qualify for this you will generally have to show:

  • You have been on general good behavior for the two year period following your conviction.
  • Two people are willing to act as character witnesses for you.
  • You have not been convicted of any other crime, (not counting traffic tickets).
  • This is your first request for an expunction

The Charges Against You Were Dismissed Or You Were Found Not Guilty – If there was no finding of guilt, you may be able to get your record expunged if you can show the following:

  • You have no prior felony convictions
  • You have no prior expungements

Drug Convictions/ Under Age Drinking — Depending on your age, and the nature of the charges, you may be able to get certain drug and/or alcohol charges dismissed and then expunged under certain circumstances. Generally speaking, this may require that you do the following:

  • Be placed on probation for at least 12 months
  • Complete drug treatment program unless exempted