Insurance Points

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Insurance Points

Insurance points in North Carolina are governed by Safe Driver Incentive Program. Under this program people who receive a conviction as a result of a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket run the risk of having their auto insurance increase as result of the assessment of insurance points.

Does this mean that everybody who gets a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket will wind up with insurance points? No.  But it does mean that you have to know what’s on your driving record and what the District Attorney may be willing to do before you just decide to pay the ticket.

You also have to know your forum.  The relief available for my clients in Alamance County is not necessarily the same relief that I can get in Orange, Chatham, or Guilford Counties. Why? Different elected officials exercise their discretion differently in different counties.

That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable professional on your side. Over the past 18 years we’ve represented over 12,000 drivers with just one goal in mind: to reduce or eliminate the imposition of insurance points. If you’ve received a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket in Alamance County, Guilford County, Orange County, or Chatham County and are concerned about insurance points, call us at (336) 570-1923 for an estimate of how we can help.