License Revocation

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License Revocations

  • Speeding more than 15 mph over the speed limit, while driving faster than 55 mph.
  • Two convictions of speeding over 55 mph in one year
  • One conviction for speeding over 55 mph and one conviction of reckless driving in one year
  • A conviction of willful racing with another motor vehicle
  • A conviction for speeding over 75 mph.

Other Offenses

Supsension Time

DWI (first offense)

1 year

DWI (second offense)

4 years

DWI (third offense)



1 year

Death by vehicle

1 year

Fleeing to elude arrest

1 year

Prearranged racing

3 years

Willful refusal to submit to a blood or breath test

1 year

Two charges of reckless driving committed in one year

1 year

Getting a license or lerners permit by false pretense

1 year

Provisional Licensee (under age 18)


First moving violation
Second moving violation in one year
Third moving violation in one year
Fourth moving violation in one year

no suspension
30 days
90 days
six months