Alamance County DWI Tickets

If you received a DWI ticket in Alamance County, you have most likely had your license taken by the arresting officer. Here’s a list of few things that may be helpful to you in the short run:

  1. If your license was taken,  it was only taken for 30 days. After the 30 days have passed you can go to the cashier in clerk’s office and pay a $100 civil revocation fee. If you pay this fee, and you had a valid license at the time of your arrest, you will get your license returned to you by the cashier.
  2. If you can’t wait 30 days to get your license, the law allows for a limited driving privilege after 10 days. The court fee for this privilege is $100.
  3. This privilege is only valid until the 30 have above have run, so in the best case scenario it is only covering you for the last 20 days of the 30 revocation.
  4. In order to get a limited driving privilege you will need proof of insurance in the form of a “DL 123.” Ask your insurance agent to provide this to you. In addition, you will also need to obtain an alcohol assessment. Without the assessment and DL 123 the judge cannot grant the privilege.

The above list will help you in the short run. In the long  run you should seriously consider seeking the advice of an experienced DWI lawyer. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that because you paid a low bond to get released or because a DWI is only a misdemeanor, it’s not serious. That’s just simply not the case. The maximum sentence on a DWI ticket is 3 years. Moreover, a conviction will result in 12 insurance points or a 340% auto insurance increase.

I have been representing people with DWI tickets in Alamance County for over 15 years, and our office routinely helps our clients obtain limited driving privileges. If you’ve received a DWI ticket in Alamance County, call me at (336) 570-1923 for a free no obligation consultation.  Our office is just three minutes from the court house, and we accept Visa and MasterCard for your convenience.