Should I Pay My Ticket Off?

“Should you just pay my ticket off?” We get asked that question a lot.

The answer in most cases is “No!”  Although the court system has made it easy to pay your speeding ticket,  what court system doesn’t tell you is that the ease of clicking on their pay button is likely causing motorists thousands of dollars in increased auto insurance rates.

The simple truth is that paying that ticket on line could result in insurance points.

What are insurance points? A system set up by our legislature that allows insurance companies to raise your rates when you are convicted of a moving violation, and when you click on the pay button you are pleading guilty.

So, should you pay that ticket off? Well, that depends on your driving record and what you are charged with. Take the example of one of the most common tickets written in Alamance County:  speeding 80/65. If you  buy your auto insurance in NC paying that ticket off on line will result in 4  insurance points or an 80% insurance increase for the next three years.

If you’re not sure whether you should just pay the ticket off call us. We’ve been around for 15 years, and we’re old fashioned.  I’ll never take a case and charge you a legal fee for something that you could have simply paid off and gotten the same result.